Which party is the party of scientific ignorance, again?

You know how Republicans are supposed to be anti-science, Neanderthal knuckle-draggers, and generally stupid? Well, guess what.

According to a National Science Foundation survey, 51% of Democrats don't know that the earth takes a year to complete one orbit of the Sun.

Republicans have their rough spots, too- though interestingly, their positions even on answers considered "wrong" were sometimes nuanced enough to raise questions about whether their actual positions are can be so categorized.

The Volokh Conspiracy post does contain a major piece of scientific misinformation. "Evolution" is not the idea that humans evolved from other animals. That would be "macroevolution." "Microevolution-" the notion that species evolve and adapt within the boundaries of their own kind- is also a form of evolution, and is accepted even by the most militant creationists.

It's truly remarkable how few of the sophisticated, informed critics of creationism even know this relatively basic fact about the position of those they ridicule, and how willingly they display their ignorance.

I am led to no particular conclusions about most Democrats- only to a grin- by the objection by a liberal responder to the Volokh post that 51% of Democrats is too small a number to constitute "most" of them. Apparently at least one Democrat needs a remedial math course along with that remedial science course!


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