Celebrating Democratic vote fraud

Remember the Democratic battle cry in Florida's 2000 recount? "Let all the votes be counted," they enthused- while working to disenfranchise thousands of Florida servicemen whose votes had been legally cast.

All too often (well, usually, as a practical matter, whether the person who uses the term consciously intends it or not), Democratic jeremiads against Republican attempts to "suppress the vote" ( you know- like the networks did when it drove George Bush's Florida totals dramatically down by wrongly calling the state for Al Gore half an hour before the polls closed in Florida's most Republican counties, and the votes were all duly cast everywhere else) are just Democrat-speak for "The Republicans are trying to stop us from stealing votes."

Democratic demands that "all the votes be counted," you see, don't tend to be restricted to all the legal votes. Insist on that adjective, and they go ballistic.

And sometimes, Democrats even openly  celebrate vote fraud. Here's a case in point.


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