Fred Phelps: the best friend of the Gay Rights Movement

This article is overly paranoid in suggesting that Fred Phelps was a cynic who chose his abrasive and toxic lie that "God hates (rude euphemism for gay people)" simply for its potential to gain attention and therefore money.

Cynicism is common in this world. But so is evil- and the evil of Fred Phelps's blasphemous message of hate would only be intensified if it were a matter of mere cynicism.

But it wasn't. Some people's hearts are so corrupted that they actually believe excrement like that which formed the substance of the Irreverend Mr. Phelp's satanic message.

And evil feeds on itself. Phelps's well-publicized hatred enabled the Leftist lie that we who are not willing to accept homosexual behavior as the moral and civil equivalent of the act by which the race propagates itself are also motivated by hatred. It has granted a patina of moral authority to the liberal media in its supression of the arguments against same-sex "marriage," and its prevention of any real national dialog on the matter.

And it played a conspicuous role in the process by which, humanly speaking, it now seems increasingly likely that the well-documented rarity of sexual monogamy even among "caring and committed" long-term gay male couples, and the equally well-documented instability among lesbian relationships which, however caring and committed, very rarely have the chance to become long-term will reshape the definition of marriage in our society, and ultimately deal that institution in the form in which it has existed for millennia its death blow.

Absent a death-bed repentance such as a persistent legend claims that Lenin underwent, few people in history have faced their Maker with a greater burden of guilt than Fred Phelps will. May God's infinite mercy somehow  have,worked such a miracle, and somehow save the man's miserable excuse for a soul.

Jesus thought it was worth dying for, after all. Just like the souls of gay people, who He dearly loves as such as He  deplores their sin- and mine.

And that of those among us who, however injured by his hate, are presumptuous enough refuse to forgive him.

May the miracle of God's grace work repentance and life to all of us.


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