Ross Douthat is ready to waive the white flag

I fear that he's right: that our national ability to think and act rationally about the institution of marriage- or even to dialog about it without one side being marginalized and silenced by slanderous charges of hate coming from people who themselves spout hatred and vitriol from every pore- is so far advanced that the Supreme Court will ultimately be forced by the (il)logic of its own position to conclude that that oxymoron of oxymorons, same-sex "marriage," is somehow a constitutional right.

Perhaps he's right about that. Perhaps, too, he's right in saying that the shoddy way Christians have treated gay people in the past has made it inevitable that we will in turn be treated shabbily when same-sex "marriage" becomes the law of the land.

But I'd still like to know why, despite all the hate the Left can muster, cultural conservatives are not buying billboards and TV time to trumpet the facts that might yet reverse the mindless trend: the virtual non-existence of sexual monogamy among long-term male homosexual partners, and an instability among gay and lesbian relationships- especially the latter- far greater even than among modern American heterosexual couples.

I find it hard to believe that even now, if Americans realized that same-sex "marriage" means the effective elimination of sexual monogamy as a definitional party of the institution of marriage, even the most emotionally driven and naïve of Americans would not give the issue a second thought.


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