CBS blew it in not picking Ferguson to replace Letterman

Craig Ferguson is a class act.

He's also the wittiest, funniest-on-his-feet, and best at putting a guest at ease of anyone I've ever seen do a talk show. I've been looking forward to snarky (and increasingly unfunny) left-winger David Letterman's retirement for some time, assuming that Craig would take his place (the earlier time slot would even serve to curb Ferguson's one drawback: his obsession with discussing his own genitals and those of others).

Sadly, CBS has decided to replace one left-wing snark artist with another. Stephen Colbert, not Craig Ferguson, will replace Letterman when the latter retires next year.

A pity. I'll still watch as much of The Late Show as  I used to: the last five minutes, to be sure that I don't miss any of Craig's monologue.

But no more than that.

This is a mistake, and CBS is going to regret it, because I don't think I'm anywhere close to being alone in that regard.


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