Obamacare proves lethal for Frank Alfisi

Obamacare has now taken at least one life.

Frank Alfisi needed dialysis to live. But he could only get dialysis if he were an inpatient- and government guidelines prevented him from being admitted to the hospital. So he died.

Reminds me of the hysterical horror stories told by leftists all over the world about  uninsured Americans dying because emergency rooms wouldn't treat them. That this would have been illegal is conveniently overlooked.

The difference is that Frank Alfisi's story is true.

Stories of Canadians with early and highly treatable cancers which had become advanced and inoperable by the time the bureaucratic machinery of the Canadian health care system managed to authorize simple diagnostic tests are not uncommon. It should be noted that a great many of these tests are carried out in the United States, outsourced by a Canadian health care system which lacks the necessary resources:

 Wealthy Canadians come to the U.S. for health care. And as we've seen, we do their lab work for them.

Like the Cuban system (wonderful for the few party members with access to it; foreigners are no longer covered), the Canadian healthcare system turns out to be all sizzle, and no steak.


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