Pro-traditional marriage Mozilla CEO forced out

Brendan Eich, The inventor of JavaScript and the CEO of Mozilla (which makes the Firefox browser and the Thunderbird e-mail client, among other things) has made a fatal career move, and has paid for it with his job.

He supported Proposition 8 in California, defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. And he's been fired for it.

The move is a result of a boycott by gay activists.

The totalitarian Left is coming on hard in its attempt to not only silence the other side in the gay rights debate (which may not be working; a recent Rasmussen poll, btw, has the nation split on the issue, 43%-43%, despite attempts by their attempt to portray their position as being in the decisive majority), but to use raw power- legal and otherwise- to compel conformity.

Google Chrome has a new customer. Me.



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