"Progressive" fundamentalism

No, Paul Krugman. Facts most certainly do not have a liberal bias.

And yes, people who disagree with the Left have the same rights as the Left does. Sorry, but's that's kinda the basis for our system of government.

Interesting, though, how much the "progressives" have in common with the mindless persecutors of religion's darkest moments- the very folks the Left would have us believe Christians and Jews and Muslims are as a group.

Mindless faith can be an addictive drug. Especially when you believe that only your opponents are capable of it.

I hate the use of the word "fundamentalist" as a put-down. It's  name of a historic religious movement  (can you imagine, say, "methodist" or "catholic" used as a put-down?) whose very purpose was an to broaden the boundaries of the Christian community by identifying those beliefs which supposedly were basic to the faith, thereby making disagreement about lesser issues less divisive. But it's now used, as Martin Marty once observed, as "a religious cuss-word," a term denoting mindless intolerance and rigid faith in an irrational belief system. And I don't suppose there's much that can be done about that, Leftists being in pretty much complete control of the media, and there's not much more tolerant folk can do about their bigoted misuse of the word.

So I'll yield the point.

Sorry, "progressives." But by your own  definition, you're the biggest "fundamentalists" of all.


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