SCOTUS refuses to uphold the First Amendment

The Supreme Court has copped out its duty to uphold the Bill of Rights by refusing to hear the case of a photographer who declined on First Amendment grounds to take pictures at a gay "wedding."

It lets stand a New Mexico decision which says that merchants can be compelled to violate their religious beliefs in order to comply with "discrimination" laws.

When basic human rights specifically listed by the Constitution take a back seat to manufactured ones, all cause for confidence in our courts has disappeared. We are no longer a government of laws. We are then  a kritarchy- a nation governed by judges- and not a nation governed by the three-lobed system of checks and balances the Constitution establishes.

Meanwhile, LCMS President Matthew Harrison has posted an article by Robert Knight on his blog which does an excellent job of summing up the issue of same-sex "marriage," and how no court or legislature has the right or finally the authority to redefine a pre-political institution which existed before government did.


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