Time for all good Americans to fire Firefox

Three cheers for gay columnist and activist Andrew Sullivan, whose disgust at the firing of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich because he contributed to the campaign for Proposition 8 in California shows that there are some people who still can manage to keep their perspective when it comes to an emotional issue like marriage deconstruction.

And he isn't alone. To their credit, a great many gay Americans are coming out against "progressive" tactics which have more in common with Beria and Himmler than with Jefferson or Lincoln.

The firing- or perhaps I should say "purge-" of Eich has inspired this meditation from Kevin Williamson at NRO on the nature of liberal fascism- and the illiberal nature of the movement which falsely calls itself  "progressivism."

I hope you all have uninstalled Firefox and Seamonkey and Thunderbird by now, regardless of your politics. Firing somebody because you disagree with his politics crosses a line that ought not to be crossed in America, no matter what that person's politics- or yours- might be. And the issue isn't simply same-sex "marriage."

It's freedom of speech- and the radical unacceptability of an intolerance so arrogant that it thinks it can force people to agree with it and still call itself "progressive.

Mozilla needs to be called to account. And so does the totalitarian Left.


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