Happy (belated) tenth birthday to Watersblogged!

Ten years ago Sunday- after several months first as a haphazard, occasionally written-in, stand-alone entity, then an experiment at Blog City, and finally a sojourn of several months at Blog Studio (where my files were deleted in some sort of server malfunction while the site's owner was on vacation)- this blog came to rest here at Blogger. It's been here ever since.

Since then, this blog has seen three presidential elections (1 win, 2 losses), two wars, the doctrinal collapse and then rebirth of the Missouri Synod, the ELCA's headlong plunge into politically correct apostasy, an unwanted and unscriptural divorce, surgery and chemotherapy for colon cancer, and the amazingly rapid disintegration of our culture's legal, ethical and spiritual foundations. There have been moments of triumph (two Blackhawk Stanley Cups, for example, and Dubyah's re-election). But on the whole, it's been a sobering decade, both personally and for the Republic. I'm not sure whether America can survive another one like it.

I don't know how much longer this blog will be here, or what the next decade will bring. Based on the one past, I'd rather not even think about it. But clichés are clichés for a reason: they resonate with us, at some level, as expressions of truth. And a take comfort in just such a cliché right now: "We don't know what the future may hold. But we do know who holds the future."

The Theology of the Cross bids us to expect that this world will serve up just such decades as the one past. But it reassures us that the cross leads to Easter. God remains in control- and no matter how much further our culture may plunge into the spiritual, intellectual and ethical abyss, there is nothing in all creation that can frustrate the cause of the Cross, or God's love in Christ for our willful and rebellious race.

May He watch over us, and see us home at last.


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