Study: Divorce is contageous

A new study confirms what a lot of us have intuitively sensed: divorce is contagious.

When members of a family/extended family/friendship circle/church/ community get divorced, divorce gets just a bit more thinkable for us.

Pretty much the same as for sinful behavior in general. What was that Paul said about bad company spoiling good morals?

But you can't always divorce the company you keep, especially in the family . Unless you're married to it, that is. So we're stuck with the dilemma of somehow trying to maintain our values when even those closest to us give them up.

Nobody said being a Christian- or a morally responsible human being- is supposed to be easy.

Especially these days, when the sole criterion of whether something is moral or not tends to be whether or not I want to do it.

HT: Drudge


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