Two biblical disqualifications for the ministry for the price of one

In countries where same-sex marriage has been around for a while, same-sex divorce rates tend to be significantly higher for same-sex couples than for straight ones.

In two of the larger on the subject of long-term marriage durability,, lesbian divorce rates in Sweden were two and a half times that of heterosexual couples and half-again as high among gay male couples in Norway (stats usually cited by supporters of same-sex "marriage" are usually carefully selected so as to be  limited to jurisdictions where same-sex marriage is new, and the couples involved have been together for a very short time).

In any case, it seems that the Episcopal church's first openly-gay bishop is divorcing his "husband."

It should be noted that he is initiating the divorce- a rather significant detail for those concerned with the rather secondary issue of the biblical character of the divorce and his subsequent qualifications for the ministry if the "marriage" had been biblically admissible in the first place.

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