We don't belong in this group

Widespread anti-Semitism, as well a lack of compassion for the poor (or at least a skewed understanding of their plight) are among the less attractive aspects of the Missouri Synod subculture.

Christians should not be numbered with people like this.


Anonymous said…
Neither should racism, misogyny (or poor spelling) religious intolerance or many other failures of trust in God. Whosays we don't need Jesus?
Don't know about misogyny, but one of my pastors growing up had to suspend Communion for the entire congregation in order to get the voters to overrule the Board of Education and admit an African-American girl to our parochial school. Racism remains a problem, although it's generally a little slicker than it was back in the day.

As to religious intolerance, there is, of course, a vast difference between being staunchly orthodox and being Islamophobic.

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