Ernst continues to lead Braley in Iowa Senate squeaker

Republican Joni Ernst continues to lead Bruce Braley in the Iowa Senate race- although the larger the sample, the better it looks for Democrat Braley.

A series of well-made negative ads focusing on Ernst's signing of a pledge supposedly supporting oil interests rather than renewable energy sources- a significant source of employment in Iowa- may well be having an impact.

So far, Ernst has not responded to the attacks. It should be noted that she was forced to run to the Right of her comfort zone in the primary by the extreme nature of the Iowa Republican party, and may now be paying the price.

The Iowa Democrat party, it should be noted, is just as extreme.

Braley, on the other hand, has been the target of ads pointing out that he has missed 75% of full House Veterans' Affairs Committee meetings (79% of all meetings relating to that committee), despite the VA scandal and his own boasting about his work supporting veterans.

It's an ugly race, and it looks like it's going to be a close one.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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