Ernst opens up six-point lead against Braley, two polls say

The prestigious Iowa Poll, run by the Des Moines Register, has become the second recent poll to show Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst leading Democrat Bruce Braley by six points. Twelve percent are undecided.

A Quinnipiac poll two weeks ago also showed Ernst with a six-point lead.

In the Quinnipiac poll, the key was Ernst's seven-point lead among Independents. Voters reportedly found Ernst both "stronger" and more trustworthy than Braley.

The Iowa Poll gave Ernst with a double-digit lead among Independents.

Rural voters- offended by Braley's dismissal of Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who stands to become chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee as "an Iowa farmer who never went to law school-" heavily favor Ernst. Iowans also seem put off by Braley's poor attendance record at meetings of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee.

It's been a very negative and even dirty campaign, ranked by many observers as one of the worst in the country. The Senate Democratic Campaign Committee has recently begun running an ad picking up the false claim that Ernst had signed a pledge safeguarding tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. Ads making the same charge- also rated false when made against candidates in previous elections- had earlier been produced by out-of-state billionaire Tom Steyer and his political action committee, NextGen- ironic, since Democrats all over America have run ads demonizing Republicans for being supported by the billionaire Koch Brothers.

Details from the Iowa Poll can be found here. Click on the page to enlarge the display.


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