More on that Braley push poll

Here's an account by an Iowan who was on the receiving end of that Braley push poll:

Today I got a second push poll call. A woman with a definite south Asian accent, but all too Iowan name (Jenine Hanson) asked a series of questions and then came the push part. After two of the outrageous questions (lies about Ernst' s positions followed by a hypothetical- if the accusations were deemed given, would I vote for Joni) I interrupted her and said this was not a legitimate poll, but a push poll. She protested that she was not working for a campaign... I told her I knew she was only doing her job with her script. She begged to be able to finish the poll. I realized that she was getting paid to complete the who spiel, so I decided to stick it to the arrogant *#$%s who think I'm too stupid to smell a weasel (who really do stink like their cousins the skunks). I answered all her questions and she assured me that she had noted that I would now definitely not vote for Braley because of such arrogant and dishonest methods.

Iowans are not as stupid as the Braley people seem to think.

Good grief. How can anybody give any credence to a poll which asks hypothetically what your reaction would be if the questioner isn't lying?


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