Obama pollster predicts 'crushing defeat' for Democrats, unless....

...somehow African-American voters can be energized, as they were for POTUS's re-election two years ago.

Which I don't think is going to happen.

Last week's Iowa Poll showed Joni Ernst's lead over Bruce Braley here in Iowa cut from six points to one. But polls out this week showed Joni leading by two, three and four points. And perhaps most telling of all, PBS's Gwen Ifill conceded defeat in the Iowa Senate race last night.

I'll be spending plenty of time in the coming weeks making phone calls for Joni and for congressional candidate David Young. I have a feeling election night will be a lot more fun this time than it was two years ago.

Another bad sign for the Dems: when people at Salon write that the GOP will win, but that it's meaningless.

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