Turns out Chicago isn't as dangerous as we think. Kansas City, on the other hand...

The Citizen Council for Public Security, Justice and Peace, a Mexican crime think-tank, has issued a new list of the 50 most violent cities in the world.

41 if them are in Latin America, and four-Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore and New Orleans, in that order - are in the United States.

Notice that Chicago is not among them. Neither are New York or Washington. D.C. For that matter, none of those three make Law Street's list of the ten most dangerous cities in the United States with populations over 200,000, either.

That study cites, in order:

1. Detroit
2. Oakland
3. Memphis
4. St. Louis
5. Cleveland
6. Baltimore
7. Milwaukee
8. Birmingham
9. Newark, and
10. Kansas City(!)

Huzzah for the home team, I guess. Interestingly, New Orleans- the 48th most violent city in the world, according to the Mexican study- didn't make the list.

Chicago is nowhere near the top in its murder rate, either. According to FBI statistics, Flint, Detroit, New Orleans, Birmingham, Richmond, and Washington are the top six in that department.

Given the District of Columbia's strict gun laws, that might be a revelation.


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