Craig Ferguson's classy- and classic- farewell

I'll miss Craig Ferguson, in my opinion the most naturally talented late night talk show host in the history of television. And no, I don't plan to watch Colbert; replacing Letterman with another snarky left-winger when a man of Ferguson's talents was available was not a good move.

We'll see about the post-Craig Late-Late Show.

Anyway, the closing sequence of Craig's final show last night was classic, living up to the quality of the entire 10-year run of the show. It was a combined homage to Newhart, The Sopranos, and St. Elsewhere:

I'll keep watching Celebrity Name Game, of course. And Craig Ferguson- potty mouth that he is- will nonetheless have my best wishes for a long and successful post-Late, Late Show career.

Here's hoping that Craig, Geoff Peterson, and Secretariat return some day to once again do the kind of show that, in my opinion, Craig Ferguson was born to do.


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