Just thought I'd quote myself

Just said this as a response to one of the posts in the Confessional Lutherans group on Facebook. And I feel so strongly about it that I'm going to re-post it as a status:

The social Darwinism of a great many LCMS Lutherans must make Jesus as sick as the pro-abortionism and marriage revisionism of a great many ELCA types. Nor have I ever been able to reconcile the attitude of many political conservatives toward government (not excessive government, mind you, or government which oversteps its divinely-instituted role, but government as such) with Romans 13. And I have to admit that I find it awfully difficult to see how one can be simultaneously a Christian and a libertarian.

That said, it's only the Kingdom of the Right hand which is "not of this world." God is also the God of the Kingdom of the Left. But a truly biblical political program would receive little support from either the Right or the Left these days: to much of an emphasis on compassion to suit the Right, and too much of an emphasis on personal morality to suit the Left.

BTW, the late Robert Bork was doubtful as to one could simultaneously be a conservative and a libertarian, calling the latter "that strange hybrid" of conservative and lib- er, excuse me- progressive. And I'm inclined to agree.


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