Romney, Bush, Carson and Walker lead the GOP pack: Rasmussen

At this stage, it's Romney, Bush, Carson and Walker.

Given their advantage in name recognition, it's no surprise that Mitt and Jeb lead the pack; that's about all that could possibly drive a campaign for a presidential nomination this early in the game. But Scott Walker's presence among the leaders bodes well for whatever presidential ambitions the often-elected Wisconsin governor may harbor, and Dr. Ben Carson's represents an even more impressive early success by direct-mail and other media efforts on behalf of somebody who is otherwise pretty much unknown.

The Democrat slander machine will be spewing mud at an unprecedented rate if the hated Walker is nominated. After all, he's the guy who took on the predatory public employees' unions in Wisconsin- and not only made it stick, but won a recall election and then was elected to a second term thereafter, both by impressive margins.

And an African-American like Dr. Carson, who refuses to behave like a sheep, would be the target of an even greater spate of hate from the advocates of what we in Chicago used to call "plantation politics" back in the day. Jeb, of course, will be hated on for being Dubyah's brother, and we already know that Romney has a target on his back for the unpardonable crime of being successful and failing to kow-tow to the class warriors.

Whoever the GOP nominee is next year, he (or she) is gonna get hated on. I only wish Joni Ernst had a term or two in back of her. When I think of what a Joni-Hillary race would be like, I just have to grin.

BTW...Did you catch Joni doing the GOP response to the State of the Union? She even impressed Bob Schieffer and Scott Pelly.

And just let poor, poverty-stricken Hillary try to hang the plutocrat tag on the girl who wore bread bags over her shoes on the way to school in the winter to keep out the snow.


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