The battle against marriage redefinition isn't lost yet

Despite the media's (and, of course, the cultural Left's) deceitful rhetoric on the issue, new Rasmussen polls- some new, and some several months old- reaffirm that the American people are closely divided on the issue of same-sex "marriage," regard the institution of marriage as important to society, and look with favor upon religious leaders who publicly defend the teachings of their faith as regards marriage redefinition.

Thankfully, a large majority oppose laws such as those in force in Canada, England, and other countries against "hate speech," recognizing the incompatibility of such laws with any rational concept of freedom of speech and with the basic values of a free society.

The margin by which Americans favor marriage redefinition is smaller than the percentage of Americans who profess themselves undecided on the matter. This simply reinforces the point that despite efforts by the cultural Left and "progressive" fascists to intimidate and even silence those who disagree with them on the issue, there is a desperate need for cultural conservatives to do what they heretofore have not done: to aggressively explain why they oppose marriage definition, and document our fears about the impact it will have on our society.

Time to grow a pair, cultural conservatives!  


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