Chicago has had near-almighty mayors before....

...but now it may be choosing between somebody named Emanuel and somebody named Jesus.

Far-Leftie Jesus "Chuy" Garica, whom one might think of as the Bill di Blasio or Elizabeth Warren of Chicago, is the most formidable of four challengers to somewhat less far-Left Rahm Emanuel, who thinks it's proper to stop anybody whose politics he disagrees with from opening a restaurant within the city limits. Emanuel represents the Obama/Clinton wing of the party that has never heard of Tom Jefferson.

It used to be that the political wars in Chicago were between the Machine and those who chose to think for themselves. Now they're between the outrageously extreme and the somewhat less outrageously extreme.

And it's just more evidence of how hopelessly out of touch with reality and American values the Democratic party really is.

God help the city I love, whoever wins!


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