Leprechauns, talking rabbits, and moderate Democrats

Every time I turn on a network news show, I'm reminded of the old practical joke soldiers, boy scouts, hunters and others used to play: snipe hunting. You strand a newbe out in the woods with a sack, explaining that the rest of the group will drive all the "snipes" to him. And then, everybody else goes home.

Moderate Democrats are kind of like snipes. Well, not quite: there are such a creatures as snipes, after all; you just don't find them out in the woods, and you don't catch them in sacks. Moderate Democrats are more like fairies, leprechauns, and talking rabbits: pretty much wholly mythical.

And they've just gotten more so.

The "talking heads" in the media have long since chronicled the alleged disappearance of the moderate Republican, ignoring the habit the GOP has of somehow nominating a McCain or a Romney every four years despite the non-existence of such critters. But when will they pick up on the extinction of the moderate Democrat?

HT: Real Clear Politics


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