Tea Party extremists may walk out on Jeb

There's a movement afoot among some extreme Tea Party types to walk out during Jeb Bush's CPAC presentation today, apparently at least partially because of his last name. That, his support of Common Core, and his favorable attitude toward immigration reform.

Walking out is not an effective debating technique. This needs to be the time for conservatives and Republicans to be discussing our differences and preparing a common front against Hillary, not writing people off because. The rule-or-ruin mentality that says that somebody has to be rejected if you disagree with him ten percent of the time is an attitude for losers. And I still can think of few things as silly as opposing a candidate because of his or her last name.

I- like most "establishment" Republicans- would at least have the courtesy to listen to Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. As of now, I couldn't vote for either of them for president. But I do think I owe them a hearing.

And a little courtesy.

ADDENDUM: Jeb apparently handled the tantrum quite well.

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