What's good for the elephant apparently isn't good for the donkey

Rudy Giuliani is receiving death threats after his statement that he doesn't think President Obama loves his country.

The outrage of the Left and pseudo-Center is deafening. But where was the outrage when Obama said this?

The White House, by contrast, regards Mayor Giuliani's remarks as "horrible."

Now, whether they're fair and reasonable or not, shouldn't the same standards of fairness and reasonableness be used when a Democrat comments about a Republican president? How are Giuliani's comments more "horrible" than Mr. Obama's own?

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, among others, are up in arms about the double standard the media display in reporting comments by conservatives and liberals. Walker's own comment that he "didn't know" whether Mr. Obama is a Christian- intended as a rebuff of what he considered an inappropriate question- apparently has been repeated in some quarters as casting doubt on the President's faith- an interpretation the Wisconsin governor's office pointedly rejects.

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