Yes, Virginia. The United States DOES have an established religion

I've believed for many years that the United States actually has an established religion, regardless of what the First Amendment says: the Church of the Lowest Common Denominator. Heresy is insisting on anything about the generic god we as a nation worship that anybody else might disagree with.

But Gene Veith shares an interesting alternative take on the subject. Yuval Levin, it seems, has put forward quite a persuasive argument that in fact our national religion is the Church of the Left- and it seems that Barack Obama is our Torquemada.

The position of the Left is that you can believe whatever you want- just as long as you don't act on your beliefs. This is not, of course, Jefferson's position, nor Madison's, nor that of any other of the Founders. Nor is it a position that Christianity or Judaism or Islam or any other religion would consider an acceptable practice for its adherents.

It is a form of piety unique to the Church of the Left- which is bound and determined to force the rest of us to conform.


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