Next to Hillary Clinton, America's best-paid CEO might as well be slinging hamburgers

John Hammergrin is America's best-paid CEO, with an annual salary of $131,200,000. That's $2,523,077 a week, $504.615 a day, and $63,977 an hour.

That's a lot of bread. Clearly, Old John is part of the One Percent- the kind of guy Hillary Clinton has in the crosshairs of her "populist' campaign.

On the other hand, based on Hillary's fee of $300,000 per speech, she makes $634,000,000 a year, $78,000,000 a day, $15,000,000 a week, and $300,000 an hour.

Mitt Romney could only dream.

So the natural question arises: who, pray tell, does Hillary- or for that matter the other wealthy Democrats who wage class warfare so valiantly- think they're fooling?

Evidentially they're fooling about half the country. Maybe more.

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ADDENDUM: Even Rolling Stone recognizes that what Hillary is offering is "fake populism!"

HT: Real Clear Politics