Even liberal pressure group Common Cause is calling for an audit of the Clinton Foundation.

What's the rush?  Iss a five year-old really even ready to make a life-changing decision like gender "reassignment?"

Yet another study has undermined the climate alarmists. This one- from Duke University- not only says that climate change has slowed, but that recent changes are due to "natural variations-" precisely what those constantly slandered by the Left have insisted that the data is too sparse to exclude as a cause.

Carly Florina's potential Republican presidential candidacy is beginning to intrigue a lot of people who relish the prospect of seeing her face off with Hillary.

A new study shows that regular exercise doesn't help you overcome obesity after all.

The deportation of illegal immigrants has plummeted due to the Obama administration's change in policy. A report says that the Department of Homeland Security is engaged in a crash program to naturalize 9 million immigrants by the 2016 presidential election. Another report- by the Congressional Research Office- says that immigration has increased by 325% and the income of the bottom 90% of Americans has dropped by ten percent from 1970 to 2013. Middle class income has apparently dropped below 1970's levels.

And finally, the Student Government Association of Youngstown State University in Ohio has- quite properly and, in fact, commendably, in my view- ordered the removal of "Stright Pride" posters which had appeared on campus. The posters- replete with vulgarity- clearly were aimed, not at expressing a viewpoint on the morality of a behavior as such or on any political issue, but merely at demeaning a group of people those who posted them claimed to be "proud" not to be.

I don't think the First Amendment was seriously endangered by the removal of rude and pointless posters which were clearly in poor taste and served no constructive purpose.

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