Sometimes, "progressives" are SO funny!

There is no such thing as liberal intolerance, and anybody who disagrees with liberalism should be silenced.

Makes sense to you? Not to me.

Oh. And by the way... study after study has shown that children of same-sex couples do often grow up having trouble forming appropriate relationships with the opposite sex. And once again- you can't be a bigot for disapproving of a behavior.

Just sayin'.

ADDENDUM: It is now 2:06 on Monday afternoon, April 21. I just read yet another comment on Google+ from a logically-challenged individual who has taken to reacting to my posts on the subject of marriage redefinition and liberal intolerance with hate-filled tirades illustrating precisely the point I made above. In fact, he's reporting me to Google- who, while it may not laugh in his face, will doubtless give his complaint the attention it deserves ;).

Like I said. Sometimes "progressives" are SO funny!


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