The "progressive" neo-Fascists take the (wedding) cake, the Klein's freedom of religion, and their supporters' freedom of speech

When I heard that a Federal court had slapped Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein with a $135,000 "fine" that will go to a lesbian couple for "pain and suffering" because the Kleins refused to bake a "wedding" cake for them, I assumed that people of good will and common sense from all over America would come together to raise the money.

I was half right.

GoFundMe promptly became a target of an attack by the Gaystopo- who are really, really into intimidating people and trampling all over the rights of those who disagree with them- and shut down the campaign to raise money for the Kleins for allegedly violating its terms of service. It is unclear whether they will get the $109,000 raised in a mere eight hours before the left-wing fascists struck, but it sounds to me like they won't.

They are appealing the Court's outrageous decision. Pray for them. As I've said before, I personally would have baked the cake with no qualms.

But they're not me- and the First Amendment trumps anti-discrimination laws. If it doesn't, the Bill of Rights and the American way of life are toast. We're talking here not only about the Klein's freedom of religion, but also about the freedom of speech of those who contributed or wanted to contribute.

Somehow a way has to be found to help the Kleins no matter what the kritarchy does. And we Christians need to be quite clear about our determination not to render to Caesar the things that are God's even if it means fines and imprisonment.

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