Three things from the front page of this morning's Des Moines Register

Upon glancing at the front page of the left-wing Des Moines Register this morning, I noticed three interesting things.

First, its headline actually used the accurate, non-prejudicial, journalistically proper, professionaly neutral term for the debate over same-sex "marriage:" marriage redefinition, rather than marriage equality. The former accurately describes the issue; the latter is a partisan argument in favor of one side as opposed to the other.

Secondly, the Register seems to differ from me in its interpretation of the Supreme Court justices' questions on that subject the other way. They seem to think that Justice Kennedy- and therefore the court- is leaning away from redefining marriage. Time will tell.

SCOTUSblog, sadly, sees Justice Kennedy's attitude as I do.

The third interesting thing is that Republican Carly Fiorina- the other presidential candidate with two "X" chromosomes- appears to be making major headway here in Iowa.


HT: Real Clear Politics


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