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A few years ago a local church posted the phrase "GAY IS NOT OK" on the sign outside its door. Admittedly, the phrasing lent itself to the lie that it's sexual orientation rather than behavior which is the issue when it comes to the Christian problem with homosexuality. But in any case, the gay community responded promptly and decisively.

Hundreds of protestors promptly descended on the church. Before many hours had passed, the sign had changed. It now read "ADULTERY IS NOT OK." Presumably adulterers are not so politically conscious.

Whether the American Psychological Association convention which first entertained the notion that homosexuality is not a mental aberration or various church conventions considering trashing the teachings of the Bible and historic Christianity on homosexuality, confrontation and physical intimidation have been hallmarks of the sexual revisionist movement.

And we've allowed ourselves to be intimidated. And where, by contrast, have the demonstrators been to support those Christian bakers whose consciences would not permit them to bake "wedding" cakes for gay couples? When Indiana was considering its own version of the law Bill Clinton signed to protect religious freedom, the gay protestors were everywhere. But where were the Christians whose religious liberty was at stake?

As it happens, I went directly from writing my last post to Drudge- where I found this.

And we can't even be bothered standing up to psychological intimidation. ELCA and PCUSA laypeople couldn't even be bothered to speak out as their denominations were deciding to deny the Faith as regards sexual ethics. And in many cases, they still can't be.

Neither, for that matter, can LCMS Lutherans or other conservative Christians who are fortunate enough to be members of denominations which continue to confess that Faith be inconvenienced enough by it to stand up and be counted.

Even here, people are losing their jobs and their livelihoods for the sake of the Faith. But not many. It's easier to burn a few grains of incense to the Emperor.

Maybe we need to be reminded sometimes just why the symbol of our religion is a cross rather than a recliner chair.

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