Eleven more victories to go

The Blackhawks usually play down to- and below- the level of their opponents in the first couple of games of a Stanley Cup series before reaching down and finding what it takes to win (usually a decision to outwork the other guys). So I guess that last night's 4-3 victory over the team with the lamest name in professional sports, the Minnesota Wild, is a good sign- especially since the Good Guys jumped off to a 3-0 lead this time before deciding to take a nap.

But this is a very good team they're playing, despite their stupid name. And never underestimate the ability of the Hawks to make even a series they should win in a blowout- which this is not- much, much more entertaining than it needs to be.

Game Two at 7:30 pm tomorrow, also at the United Center. Put 'em in a headlock, guys.

Figuratively, that is. Your penalty killing unit is good, but not that good.


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