Hmm. I guess he must hate gay people or something.

The gay co-owner of a hotel named, of all things, "OUT" has expressed his displeasure over the boycott against his business being waged by what he calls "gay extremists" over his partner having met with- met with- Ted Cruz.

At a fundraiser for Israel that both happened to attend, and which had nothing whatsoever to do with gay issues.

Horrors. The man actually talked to somebody who disagrees with him about marriage redefinition!

Oh, the humanity!

When we've gotten to the point where we can't even talk to people we disagree with about marriage redefinition even about totally unrelated matters without becoming the subject of boycotts and demonstrations and hate-filled hissy fits, we have lost something not only important but vital to our future as a free people.

Despite the penchant of the media and other Leftists for describing anyone still holding the position Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama themselves held until recently as "anti-gay," the conflict here is not between people who disagree about marriage redefinition so much as it is between those who want to dialog with those with whom they disagree on this issue and those who want to demonize and silence them. And if we as a nation can't see the difference, we don't deserve the freedom we're squandering by ignoring the difference.



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