ISIS goes 'boo-hoo' for Abu. Sayyef, that is. Or not. Whatever.

When I was a debater in college, I quickly learned one standard negative case that works in debate, but nowhere else: the evil decried by the affirmative is totally imaginary, it's not as bad as they say, and besides- it's stopped. Obviously, the three propositions are mutually exclusive. But since the task of the negative side in a debate is not to make sense, but merely to prevent the affirmative from making its own case, Nichego.

But ISIS seems to think it can work for propaganda, too. They're gonna get us for killing Abu Sayyef, and besides- we're lying about having done it in the first place.

Sorry, guys. Ain't gonna work.

As was the case with the killing of Osama bin Laden, President Obama- who has, on the whole, been one of our more ineffectual presidents on the world scene- deserves credit for having given the order.

Even the Obama administration does something right every once in a while.

An ISIS supporter comments:

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