This and that, from here and there

Carly Fiorina is kicking.... well, she's doing well.

Michelle "The Grinch" Obama is now going after S'mores.

Sheppard Farley, the artist responsible for the iconic Obama "HOPE" poster, says that Mr. Obama is a failure

Sadly, Israel's "Burning Man" festival accidentally burned the remains of an ancient man.

Tats, it seems, are not merely silly, short-sighted and disfiguring, but unhealthy.

Any person connected with this event in any way has absolutely no ground for calling anybody else a bigot. Ever.

Vlad the Inhaler says that the United States is "meddling" in FIFA affairs by arresting crooked officials of the soccer agency.

Nor ready, certainly not willing- but possibly Abel?

President Obama- and Hillary Clinton- may have a labor problem.

And Marco Rubio's campaign has hit Hillary with a slam on his birthday that takes the cake.

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