Glad you set history, the Scriptures, the Fathers, and the Magisterium straight once again, Nancy

Pope Nancy I (formerly known as Nancy Pelosi) has spoken ex cathedra once again.

Her Holiness- who contrary to the entire history and every source of authority acknowledged by the Roman Catholic faith (or the Great Tradition in general) has long argued that abortion is hunky dory with the Almighty, now has announced that gay "marriage" is, too.

And guess what? She's wrong again.

Words mean things. We don't get to invest them with the meanings we would like them to have, however fond the Supreme Court and liberal Protestant and Catholic "theology" may be of doing so.

Both abortion and homosexual behavior are abominations before God, and nobody- not Nancy Pelosi, public opinion, cultural mores,the Courts, or even the Pope, Billy Graham and the Dalai Lama- can change that.

Revealed truth remains revealed truth no matter how much such nonsense suggests otherwise.

God isn't Bill or Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama, or the Democratic party, that He should change His mind. And He has spoken. Clearly, consistently, and throughout history.

Nor has He left any room for ambiguity or doubt.


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