Time to face it, Christians: we're living in a pagan country

Thanks to Gene Veith for pointing out this article by Rod Dreher pointing out what I've been saying for some time now: that orthodox Christians are living in a pagan, post-Christian society- and that if we're going to be any use to God or to that society, we'd better wake up, recognize that fact, and start acting accordingly.

Dr. Veith also reports that at least one newspaper- the Harrisburg, Pa. Patriot-News- has made explicit what has in fact been the unofficial editorial policy of countless newspapers all over the country (including Cityview here in Des Moines: it will not print letters to the editor critical of gay "marriage," or which claim that homosexual behavior is abnormal, unnatural, or immoral.

Perhaps the Patriot-News- and Cityview for that matter, and all those other successers of Pravda and the Völkischer Beobachter- should reconsider their claim journalistic objectivity- a claim even more laughable in their case than in most others in this country.

ADDENDUM via Drudge: Good news! The Patriot-News seems to have reversed itself in the face of a firestorm of protest.

It remains to be seen whether or not its definition of "civil" really means "agreeing with our presuppositions about the nature of the issue."

From the quotations in the article, I somehow kind of get that impression.


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