Would that he could 'make it so!'

Sir Patrick Stewart- whose politics are, by American standards, very, very far Left- is supporting a Belfast baker who declined to sell a cake reading, "SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE."

Sir Patrick points out that the cake in question would not, in fact, have been a wedding cake, and that the baker wasn't discriminating against anybody. But a Belfast judge has nevertheless fined the baker just shy of $800 for declining to serve as an enabler for a position he disagrees with. He is appealing. The judge's decision, on the other hand, is appalling.

I've said before that I personally don't see the problem with baking a "wedding" cake for a gay couple, even though I don't believe that same-sex "marriage" is either good public policy or even in the last analysis possible, no matter what the government might say. But I am reassured that there are some on the Left in the English-speaking world who retain some loyalty to the heritage of personal freedom- and, in particular, freedom of speech- to which our common culture has been committed since the days of King John.


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