Gay rights supporters on anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage

This is encouraging: not all gay activists, it seems, are haters like Dan Savage.


Anonymous said…
Dan Savage is the lowest of the low.

He is only against bullying if the victims of bullying are white, cis, gay, liberal, atheist males. And he's also a massive hypocrite; he's an "anti-bully activist" who bullies Christians, bisexuals, asexuals, people of color, Republicans, and trans-sexuals. The things he said about the Bible were completely invalid and inaccurate, he refused to apologize after tormenting Christian students who were less than half his age, he refers to asexuals and bisexuals as "abnormal", and he said he wished all Republicans were dead. (I'm not a Republican myself, but that last one still really made my blood boil.)

If people look up to heartless, immoral, bigoted, hypocritical, dishonest, evil monsters like Dan Savage to put an end to bullying, then we're all doomed. He's not ending bullying, he's making bullying of groups of people that he disagrees with socially acceptable. Idiots like him are everything that's wrong with the world.

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