Sen. Baldwin: Americans have no right to freedom of religion outside their church or synogogue buildings!

Sen Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)- the Senate's only openly-avowed lesbian- says that Americans have no Constitutional right to freedom of religion outside the sanctuary of their own churches or synagogues.

Seems to me, Sen. Baldwin, that you ought to read a document before you swear to support and defend it. Precisely what part of "nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof" don't you understand?

I've heard Sen. Baldwin's bizarre argument from "progressive" Orwellians before, in the aftermath of the Holly Hobby ruling by the Supreme Court. DNC Debbie Wasserman, for example, made pretty much the same argument on that occasion.If you have any doubt that "progressives" and the Democratic party generally have declared all-out war on the First Amendment, wake up. Everything you treasure about being an American is on the line here.

In particular, your freedom of conscience is at risk.


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