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According to CDC figures (which fit with those from other countries all over the globe), gays and lesbians in the United States comprise about 2% of the population.

For quite a while now, they've clearly comprised a great deal more than 2% of the characters on network TV. And while (male) gays marry, the "weddings on television have disproportionately been same-sex ones. Nor can anybody without severe and unmedicated ADHD have missed the point that TV episodes have had way, way more plots promoting marriage redefinition or the acceptance of homosexuality in some other way than the number of gays in the population would suggest.

And certainly more than the tiny percentage of gay men who actually get "married" where it's legal would suggest.

Hollywood isn't much better. The media generally have been in full advocacy mode for literally years. Now Fox (the movie studio) is in the process of making a movie on same-sex "marriage-" specifically, on the Obergfell v. Hodges decision.

Like, there are movies these days which aren't at least tangentially about same-sex "marriage?"

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