"We have ALWAYS been at war with East Asia."

The current issue of The Advocate, a propaganda organ of the homosexualist movement, features a fist on its cover. On the fingers of the fist the word 'HATE' is spelled out; the "t" is a cross. The caption: "THE BACKLASH: Christian Conservatives are Out to Get You."

Excuse me if I take a moment to chuckle. "The Christians are gonna get you if you don't watch out?" Really?

Here is an article which portrays the actual nature of the non-debate over the acceptance of homosexuality in our culture- one in which merely to argue in the negative is to risk one's livelihood, career, and future.

And having the facts on your side- being able to document what you say- matters not a bit.

Truth doesn't matter. Science doesn't matter. What matters is the party line.

What matters is the will to power.


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