As Hillary unravels, is this ticket the GOP's best bet?

Democrats fear it and some smart Republicans think it's their best bet: Should the 2016 GOP ticket be Kasich-Rubio?

I would want to hear Kasich compare and contrast his attitude toward Obergefell v. Hodges on one hand (he says that "the Court has ruled, and we should move on") with his attitude toward Roe v. Wade on the other before deciding whether Kasich would be acceptable to me, even though I've always liked the Ohio governor and thought that he'd be a fine president some day. It's one thing to talk about other things than marriage redefinition; it's quite another to accept the effective death of society's most basic institution as a done deal.

But people are beginning to talk about Kasich as the alternative to Jeb if the guy who still is the real GOP front runner should falter.

Here's a comparison between the two candidates.