Earth to Trump supporters!

Ok, I get it.

So you like Donald Trump's boorishness because it's not politically correct. And you also like his totally impractical ideas of deporting all illegal immigrants (or even most of them) and building a wall that will keep new ones out.

Neither is going to happen, of course, because both tasks are humanly impossible. And the price we would pay for transforming ourselves into the kind of police state that would be necessary to implement them... well, suffice it to say that I don't think you'd enjoy the attempt as you do the concept.

And do you really trust a guy who converted from favoring a single-payer system for health care and from pro-choice to pro-life only when he began considering a run for president?

Are you really comfortable with a guy who never served in the military himself, but is willing to insult John McCain and POW's generally- despite McCain's heroic refusal to give information about American targeting under torture?

When was Trump ever tortured by anything worse than having to wait in line to get his favorite latte?

And do you really think a majority of the American people are going to vote for this jerk? Do you really think that anybody other than the hard-core anti-immigration folks even take this joker seriously?

Trump calls McCain a "loser" because Barack Obama beat him in 2008. Well, I've got news for all of you: Trump is a certain loser in November of 2016. And he'll lose far worse than McCain did in 2008. The Gestapo round-up of illegal aliens is never going to happen. The wall is never going to be built.

But Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden will be president of the United States for at least four years after Barack Obama leaves office, and the damage they will do will probably be irreparable.

Are you really willing to accept that just for the satisfaction of throwing a tantrum?