Liberals don't like the liberal arts. Neither do conservatives. We all should.

If you're paying out hard-earned money so that your son or daughter can get a liberal arts education, you're being ripped off.

In today's university, what passes for "education" is indoctrination into the Leftist worldview and political correctness. Our Western cultural heritage is being forgotten. A new generation has arisen which is ignorant about not only our Western spiritual heritage, but pretty much the rest of it, too. No wonder when presented by emotionalistic post-modern gobbledygook, they think with their hearts rather than their minds! Minds require imput. They require information. As has been said of computers, so it must be said of human minds: garbage in, garbage out.

Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to see education as job training. This does not make for young people trained to think critically and apply the wisdom of the ages, either.

We need to wise up.


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