More woes for Hillary- but that doesn't necessarily mean good news for the GOP

It may not just be the emails on her server that could embarrass Hillary Clinton. There are also other issues- like who had access to the server- which could be a problem for the former Secretary of State.

The servers, btw, were kept in a bathroom closet.

The State Department says that 17,855 emails from Hillary's advisors are missing.

If Donald Trump wasn't making not only himself but the GOP rank-and-file look ridiculous, I'd say the prospects for the Republicans would be looking up right now. But Trump is an even bigger embarrassment than Joe Biden, and as radical as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Jerry Brown and even the post-2000 Al Gore are, they're at least serious people (more or less) with better qualifications than The Donald has.

Nominating Trump might be the one thing that could lose the 2016 election for the Republicans (well, other than nominating Ted Cruz or Rand Paul or Rick Perry or Donald Duck). Fortunately, I still have a tough time believing that the angry voters' tantrum(p) will last all the way to the Iowa Caucuses, much less until the convention in Cleveland.

HT: Drudge