Racially welcoming denominations? LCMS is second from the top; ELCA third from the bottom

A sociologist decided that it would be interesting to find out how welcoming various denominations were to blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities. So he sent emails to various congregations purporting to be from members of those groups and inquiring about membership.

Despite all the blather about social justice and "inclusiveness" among the liberal denominations, they were the most cold and discouraging. The Evangelical churches were the most accepting and open to minorities.

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod was the second most accepting denomination. Only the Willow Creek churches did better.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ranked third from the bottom.

Interesting. I wonder whether it might not just be a matter of who takes the Great Commission- and "inclusiveness-" more seriously in practice rather than theory. Kind of hard to whip up much missionary fervor among universalists, after all. And if you don't take the Bible seriously when it comes to sexual ethics or even the content of the Gospel, why take it seriously when it challenges your prejudices?

When you start condoning sin on a wholesale basis, it's kind of hard, in practice, to be selective when it comes to matters of race.


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